What Can Devon Recovery & Independence Offer?

I can offer floating support which I can provide in the Exeter and surrounding area:

Mental health support tailored to the clients’ needs including by working collaboratively with Community Mental Health Teams and others.

Encouraging and supporting the drawing up of positive and forward focussed Support and Recovery Action Plans with the client which would be progressed and reviewed both with the client and with any Mental Health Team input.

Encouraging and supporting the drawing up of WRAPs or similar.

Encouragement and support with follow up activities recommended by others, for example work that a Care Co-ordinator may wish to see completed or support with an ongoing plan from Together (formerly known as RISE). However if I can assist the person and others trying to help, I will.

Encouraging and supporting community activities, engaging with Devon Recovery Learning Community and other excellent smaller providers in the Exeter area who can add to the experiences of clients in a positive and genuinely life affirming way.

Supporting and helping people with appointments, both via encouragement to attend and crucially through helping them to think how they can get the most from those appointments through preparation and helping with confidence to speak up about their experiences and needs.

One off help such as with budgeting, dealing with debts or income maximisation through support to apply for benefits or help via the local authority. This would be either provided directly by me or if of a more specialist nature, I would look to provide support and help for clients to engage with other organisations such as the CAB and crucially, to help them maintain that engagement and support them with preparatory or ongoing work they might need to undertake as well. Pointing someone in the right direction and expecting them to just engage as if it were an easy thing to do, is not what we are about.

Encouragement to think about and engage with voluntary work or linking up with Workways and New Leaf amongst others.

I will always be conscious that I must not be over confident or over promise what I can provide and so I will always welcome the opportunity to discuss both what you think we can offer and for you to gain a better understanding of my experience.
I make no promises that my experience and skill set makes me somehow an expert, rather it is about ensuring that where problems arise that a skilled mental health worker is self aware, acts with integrity and will seek advice or signpost / refer clients when necessary. It is also about being alongside the person needing support and helping them to resolve their problems and so become more resilient and from there, having a greater sense of purpose and self esteem.